Friday, January 07, 2005

The Communist Utopia Is Really America

Communism is the idea that became the antithesis to Capitalism; it was setup as a formal protest to the evils of the economic revolution that made its headwaters starting in 1776 when Adam Smith wrote his “magnum opus”. Capitalism has since won the war of ideology but the Communists wanted a system that would setup a world in which ever human being was free to pursue their happiness by being creative. Karl Marx, the most famous and leading voice of Communism, argued that Capitalism left people feeling empty because people had to sell their labour (to the exploitative Capitalists) in order to live but this labour would not fulfill the basic human desires of creativity and happiness.

Karl Marx argued that the world has gone, or will have gone, through five epochs (or historical stages) and each stage will or will have led to a more free society. The first stage was a “Primitive or Communal” epoch and the dissolving of this epoch led to the second stage known as the “Slave” epoch. The “Feudal” epoch followed, currently we are under the “Capitalist” epoch, and the fifth and final epoch is “Communism”. Marx knew that there was a problem with reaching true Communism because it would take a transition period before humanity would enter true Communism and that transitional phase is known as Socialism.

Socialism did not work, unfortunately for the advocates of Communism, because it required that there be a central group that rule over this transition period. Everyone, except the central ruling group, must become equal—no one individual could have more than his neighbor—under Socialism. Every individual was responsible for producing the needs of society and then sharing those products—because everyone is equal—with their neighbor. Except for the ruling class which was overseeing the production of all products that were being created by their subjects in order that this transitional society could one day lead to Communism.

While all those that were living equally enjoyed the meager fruits of their labour, the central ruling class lived as Kings exploiting their subjects (similar to those “evil capitalist” that exploited the labour of their workers). This injustice would eventually lead to worker inefficiency and the eventual collapse of Socialism (specifically the USSR model). The central ruling class of Socialism turned into quasi-Capitalist but in reality they turned into unjust, tyrannical, oppressors that exploited their subjects. This is one of the central problems with Socialism and the main reason as to why it was not successful. Socialism did not lead to creativity and happiness, instead, it lead to meager living standards and a discontent citizenry.

The Communist aficionado wants Marx’s dreams and ideas to come true, the Communist wants a utopia where every human being is capable of achieving creativity and happiness.

Communism did not work, although, it might look very appetible idealistically speaking, when it comes to speaking in terms of realty it was an utter-disaster. Capitalism, on the other hand, has been in effect for 228 years about the same time period the United States of America has been in existence. Capitalism and America go hand in hand; the underlying principles of both are freedom and liberty. Capitalism as Adam Smith advocated called for a laissez-faire approach to the economy, where theoretically speaking, the market could be left alone and it would self-adjust through recessions and depressions. Every American wants nothing more than freedom and liberty, in essence, each American wants to be left alone so that they can practice “Classical Liberalism”.

The Communist Utopia is really America.

This almost seems to be an oxymoron but if you think about that statement you will find that it is true. Karl Marx wanted to get rid of Capitalism because the capitalist was exploiting his workers and not allowing them to be creative and happy. Ergo, Marx proposed Communism. America is the land of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and I would also add the land of Capitalism. Capitalism by no means is perfect but it does allow for an efficient modus operandi, economically speaking.

Capitalism, in America, has allowed for creativity and happiness. These two core principle of Marxist Communism have been gained by many an individual here in America. Capitalism has allowed the development of the Personal Computer (PC) and this creative invention has made many and individual happy because it has made word processing and other tasks much more efficient. Capitalism has allowed for such American institutions such as Hollywood which allows actors to be creative and happy but also theater goes gain a sense of happiness from the creativity of actors. I would argue that the Universities are also Capitalist ventures in which the professors sell their knowledge (creatively or otherwise) to gain happiness and the student (with capital that they might have been gained creatively) buys such knowledge to gain future happiness. The examples are many but the end result is the same American Capitalism allows for creativity and happiness.

That is why I believe that the true utopia that Communist seeks is really Capitalist-America.

What do you think?


At 7:39 PM, Blogger Veritas said...

Interesting commentary, I'm not overly familiar with the minutia involved with the actual writings of Karl Marx. I understand that "true communism" has never been tried, but I also believe that it is utterly unattainable because human beings have a natural tendency to embrace individual freedom once tasted. One need look no further than the Revolutionary War.

I believe that the single largest hurdle between 2005 America and real domestic liberty and free market capitalism is the personal income tax. In my view, personal income taxation amounts to nothing more than slavery, and while our society differs from the Soviet model, the outcome isn't that different.

At 4:22 AM, Blogger Attesa said...

I love your theory! And the diehard communists living in America I'm sure would freak the second they read it. :)

At 6:15 AM, Blogger screetus said...

I think I'm happy being a capitalist.


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